Step 2 : Install osCommerce

Langkah 1 : Import Catalog Database – Install the database and add the sample data – leave this box checked. [Checking this box will import the database structure, required data, and some sample data. (required for first time installations)].

Langkah 2 : Automatic Configuration – Save configuration values – leave this box checked. [Checking this box will save all entered data during the installation procedure to the appropriate configuration files on the server.]. Click the “Continue” button.

Langkah 3 : Please enter the database server information:

Database Server localhost The database server can be in the form of a hostname, such as, or as an IP-address, such as

Username username. The username used to connect to the database server. An example username is ‘mysql_10’.

Note: Create and Drop permissions are required at this point of the installation procedure. This first user should have CREATE privileges on the database

Password password. The password is used together with the username, which forms the database user account.

Database Name database name. The database used to hold the data. An example database name is ‘osCommerce’.

Persistent Connections: Enable persistent database connections. Note: Persistent connections should be disabled for shared servers.

Session Storage:Files / Database (choose Database).Store user session data as files on the server, or in the database.

Note: Due to security related issues, database session storage is recommended for shared servers. Click the “Continue” button.